PC Programmable Line Tracer Kit

via Jaycar
An educational introduction to the world of robotics and programming. Assemble the kit and you are able to use it in two main ways, programming mode or line tracing mode. With the supplied software you are able to program instructions into the robot to navigate its way across the floor. In line tracing mode, simply draw a line on some paper with a thick black marker and the robot will follow the course. It accomplishes this with two optical sensors, somewhat similar to a common garden bug.

* Assembly time: 2 hours
* Requires: Box cutters, phillips head screwdriver (no.2 size), long nose pliers (TH-1887)
* Requires 2 x AA batteries
* Software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (Vista users may need to run the software in WinXP Service pack 2 compatibility mode)
* Recommended for ages 12+

In the attached zips you will find 4 PDFs
Software User Manual
Course Sheet For Programming Mode
Course Sheet For Line Tracing Mode


Assembly required
Kit Form Educational Kit Series
Kit Group Educational
Difficulty Simple
Estimated Construction Time 2hr
Tools required Phillips Head Screwdriver,Knife,Long Nose Pliers
Recommended Minimum Age 12Yr
Battery type AA
Battery Quantity 2pc
Batteries can be replaced
Length 120mm
Width 64mm
Height 55mm