Panasonic Twin Handset Cordless Telephone with Mobile Link & Repeater

via Jaycar
This new system from Panasonic is loaded with features, and is perfect for large homes or small offices. Firstly, it is supplied with a DECT repeater to double the distance from the base station, giving you more flexibility to move around your home or office and even the back yard or garage. Link up to two phones via Bluetooth® and you’ll be able to make or receive calls from your mobile using the Panasonic handsets. This saves you having to carry your phone around with you in your pocket while you’re home. There is even a USB port on the base station to charge your mobile phone using your appropriate USB charging lead. The advanced answering machine can store up to 18 minutes of recordings. The base station will alert you with a sound when you’re at home that a new message is recorded. If you’re away, the base station can be programmed to call your preregistered mobile or office phone, and play the message to you. If your caller is calling from a noisy location, you can hear them clearer by simply pressing the noise suppression button. This suppresses the background noise and enhance their voice simultaneously.
* Power failure backup
* Talking caller ID
* Incoming call block
* Night mode
* Intelligent ECO mode
* Answering system (18 mins)
* Intercom
• Channels: 120
• Screen: 1.8” 
• Freq. range: 1.9GHz
• System: DECT6.0
 * Caller ID mermory: 50 
• Talk time: Up to 10 hours
• Standby time: Up to 200 hours
• Charge time: About 7 hours
• Built-in Ni-MH AAA batteries for up to 4 hours backup time
• Dimensions: 
   Handset: 168(L) x 39(W) x 31(D)mm
   Base: 178(W) x 115(H) x 101(D)mm

Model Cat. No.
Twin hand set YT9010
Triple hand set YT9012

Number of cordless handsets included 2
Slow Talk
Channels 120
Caller ID
Talk time 10hr
Nuisance Call Block
Do not Disturb Mode
Baby Monitor
Power Backup Operation
Answering System Sound
Shape Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Battery Pack
Batteries included
Batteries replaceable
Bluetooth Version V2.0
Bluetooth HSP
Warranty: 12 Months