Ozobot Bit 2.0 - Guardians of the Galaxy Starter Pack

via OzoBot

Develop 21st century super powers with the Ozobot Bit 2.0 - Guardians of the Galaxy Starter Pack.

Each pack includes one Bit, the original, award-winning Ozobot that teaches the creative side of coding. 

Get started by controlling your Bit with colours! Draw lines and colour commands on paper, then watch Bit respond. Snap a Super Hero skin on your bot, and enjoy 20+ Marvel-themed activities and drawing adventures. Once you’ve mastered colour coding, move on to Ozoblockly, a drag – and – drop programming editor. 

Each Marvel Starter Pack comes with two super skins, plus DIY pop-outs and stickers so you can set the scene and customize your Super Hero’s mood. Ages 6 to 99

Guardians of the Galaxy Starter Pack Includes:
· Ozobot Bit –smart, small creative robot
· 2 super skins
· 20+ pages of drawing and colour coding activities for super STEAM play
· 4 color coding markers
· Color coding stickers
· DIY, Marvel-themed stickers and pop-outs
· USB charging cable
· Free Android and iOS apps
· Free web-based and printable games at ozobot.com