Ozobot Bit 2.0 - Duo Pack

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Trusted by over 10,000 schools, in over 50 countries worldwide, the Ozobot is a simple and desk-friendly robot that is well-regarded as an approachable STEM learning companion for young coders yet powerful enough even for college-aged students! Built with the educator's needs in mind, it has over hundreds of hours of free online curriculum, and self-guided training courses, videos, webinars, as well as a dedicated community. See more here.

So why wait? Expand your child's horizons with the help of the Ozobot Bit, the best programmable robot toy for kids! There is no end to the possibilities, as your child creates a different landscape of adventures and games through Ozobot programming.

Imagine a smart robot toy that opens the doors of computer science, STEM Education, robotics and coding, making your child one step ahead of the learning curve in school and in life.

This is a two pack of Ozobots.  One white, one black!

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