Non Contact Body Thermometer with Smartphone App

via Jaycar
A fantastic solution for parents - a thermometer to read your child's temperature instantly! No need to wait up to five minutes with a thermometer in your child's mouth for an accurate result, this non-contact thermometer uses infrared radiation to instantly and accurately measure both body temperature and surface temperature. Use it to ensure you heat up your child's food to an acceptable temperature using the surface temperature mode, and then use the body temperature mode to check if your child is running a fever.
If all that wasn't enough, there is even the ability to link the unit to your iPhone® or Android® Smartphone, and using a free App you can track your child's temperature over time (and more!), or even use it as a guide for planning pregnancy. See our website for info on the app.

* Response time: 0.5 sec
* Power off: automatic
* Measuring distance: 5-15cm

iCare App:
Click here to download the iOS® app.
Click here to download the Android™ app.

Measures in Celcius
Outdoor / Exterior Scale 32°F-122°F
Measures in Fahrenheit
Thermometer Resolution 0.1°C
Outdoor / Exterior Scale 0°C-50°C
Celcius Accuracy 0.3%
Battery type AA
Battery Quantity 2pc
Are batteries included
Length 145mm
Width 57mm
Depth 35mm
Display Type LCD
Warranty: 12 Months