Neuron Funny Touch Block

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Funny Touch can turn any conductive object (such as a banana, or water) into a touch switch. By detecting the conductive state of the four switches and GND wire, you can add simple human-computer interactivity to your invention.


16 types of input combinations; 

Rich offline interaction with other blocks;

Multiple triggering methods;

Customized plain top alligator clips for increased safety.


Trigger Range: <24MΩ;

Clip Size: 35mm;

Operating Voltage: DC 5V;

Anti-drop Ability: 1.5m;

Operating Temperature: -10℃~55℃;

Operating Humidity: <95% 


The alligator clip is sharp, please do not use it to clip yourself or others to aviod causing injury.


Pack List:


1× GND Wire

1× Funny Switch

1× Funny Touch