Neuron DC Motor Package

via MakeBlock
SKU MB-P1040022


For use with the DC (Direct Current) Motor Driver. Rotational speed and direction is controllable via the Makeblock Neuron app and mblock, allowing you to build moving vehicles, mechanical arms, catapults, etc.


Contains LEGO® cross adaptor and the standard wheel from the Makeblock platform. Compatible with Makeblock platform and LEGO®; 


Rated Speed: 118±10%RPM;

Gear Ratio: 1:100;

Rated Torque: 132g•cm;

Stall Torque: 590±100g•cm;

Rated Current: 0.1A;

Stall Current: 0.4A.


Pack List:


1xDC Motor


1xWheel Hub

1xCrossed Shaft Connector

1xAuxiliary Wheel

1xMini Wheel