Multifunction Environment Meter with DMM

via Jaycar

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A multi-function environment meter that combines the functions of a sound level meter, light meter, humidity meter and temperature meter. Typical sound applications include checking acoustics of recording studios, auditoriums and professional hi-fi installations. The light and humidity meters are ideal for video photographers, greenhouse and hydroponic setups, etc. Others who should find this meter essential include interior designers, factory and office managers, record and archive keepers, schools, hospitals, laboratories and, of course, universities.


* Sound level meter
* Light level meter
* Indoor temperature and humidity measurement
* Non contact voltage
* Display: 4000 count
* Security class: Cat III 300V
* Basic DCV accuracy: 1%
* Temperature: -20°C to 750°C (±1.2%)
* Ave/RMS: Ave
* Input impedance: 10M
* Special features: Lux, SPL, Humidity


DC Voltage Ranges 400mV,4V,40V,100V,250V
DC Voltage Accuracy 0.5%
AC Voltage Ranges 400mV,4V,40V,100V,250V
AC Voltage Accuracy 1.2%
DC Current Ranges 400µA,4mA,40mA,400mA,10A
DC Current Accuracy 1%
AC Current Ranges 400µA,4mA,40mA,400mA,10A
AC Current Accuracy 1%
Resistance Ranges 400Ω,4kΩ,40kΩ,400kΩ,4MΩ,40MΩ
Resistance Accuracy 0.8%
Capacitance Ranges 50nF,500nF,5µF,50µF,100µF
Capacitance Accuracy 3.5%
Frequency Ranges 5Hz,50Hz,500Hz,5kHz,500kHz,10MHz
Frequency Accuracy 1.5%
Measures in Celcius
Outdoor / Exterior Scale -20°C-750°C
Celcius Accuracy 1.2%
Safety Rating Cat Cat III
Safety Rating Max Volt 300V
Count / Maximum Reading 4000 count
Data Hold
Relative Measure
Continuity indicator Needle
Probe safety rating Cat III
Probe rating voltage 300V
Casing Plastic
Input Protection Fuse 500mA,10mA
Measures diode
Meter Input Impedence 10Ω
Absolute Humidity
Battery type 9V
Battery Quantity 1pc
Are batteries included
Batteries can be replaced
Battery compartment location Internal / In-built
How is battery compartment kept closed Clip and Screw
Length 170mm
Width 75mm
Depth 48mm
Warranty: 9999 Months
Special terms or exclusions: Lifetime Warranty