Mobile USB AVRISP programmer

This product is no longer for sale, for more programmers, please visit here.

Mobile USB AVRISP programmer is designed for convenient programming of AVR MCUs without computer. It supports full series of AVR including fuse bit setting, encrypting setting, serial number setting. The download speed is swift enough for small batch manufacture. Eg. 128KB flash erase + Writing + verifying + fusing + encrypting costs 20 second in total. 

Package including:

Mobile USB AVRISP programmer * 1
6pin-10pin converter cable * 1
USB Power adapter *1
A to mini B USB cable * 1
Software CD-Rom * 1


  • Programming: ¬†full series AVR ISP programming
  • Standalone usage: ¬†Operation without computer, one button programming.¬†
  • USB port: ¬†USB downloading and power, including 5.2v/500mA USB power adapter.
  • ISP interface: ¬†Atmel standard 10pin/6pin ISP interface, 10pin-6pin converter cable included.¬†
  • Project management: ¬†all in one .proj file.
  • Fuse setting: ¬† Atmel standard STK500 fuse bit, encryption bits.
  • Serial setting: ¬†Dual format¬†


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