Mini DDS Function Generator

SKU SS-109990019
This is a low cost yet versatile function generator capable of producing many different waveforms. As an easy-to-use tool operation of FG085 is very simple and straightforward. It is an ideal test/experiment tool for electronics hobbyists and students.
  • Frequency range: 0 - 200KHz (Sine)
  • Frequency resolution: 1Hz
  • Period resolution: 1ms
  • Amplitude range: 0 - 10V peak-to-peak
  • Offset range: -5V - +5V
  • Memory depth: 256 bytes
  • Sample rate: 2.5Msps
  • Output impedance: 50 ohm
  • Power supply voltage: DC 15V
  • Current consumption: < 150mA (without loading)
  • Dimension: 155 X 55 X 30 mm
  • Net weight: 100 gram
Features implemented as of current firmware
  • Generating continuous Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp (up and down), and Staircase (up and down) signals
  • Generating servo test/control signals with user defined pulse width, amplitude, and cycle [ NEW ]
  • Setting of frequency (or period), amplitude, and offset is done with digits - quick and straightforward
  • Frequency (period), amplitude, and offset can be incrementally adjusted up and down with rotary encoder
  • Settings are memorized after power down.
  • Can be used as an adjustable DC voltage source by setting amplitude to 0
Features to be implemented (hardware support already in place)
  • Generating arbitrary signals
  • Generating special test signals NTSC/PAL video synchronous signal, and more
  • Generating sweeping signal with continuous phase
  • USB connection for waveform download and control
  • Programmable frequency, amplitude, and offset
  • Synchrous output
  • Burst output at trig