Mama Shield

The mama shield is a kind of “motherboard”that lets you connect multiple shields to an Arduino.

Designed for high-speed prototyping, Mama shield has a 5 slots. Each slot has a 36 pins. The slots contain all of the Arduino pins plus 8 shared bus pins.
The bus pins allow cards to communicate between each other.

The slots are placed at a pitch equal to a 0.5 inch standoff plus the thickness of a 0.062 inch circuit board. This way you can fasten all the circuit boards together into a brick of circuit boards.

The Mama Shield also has a switchboard so you can easily reconfigure the pin mapping.
The switchboard can be used much like an old-style switchboard was used by a telephone operator to connect a call.
There is also a row of jumper pins with the jumpers in case you want to keep everything the same.

Switchboard pins:
  • Analog 0-5
  • Digital 2-13
Cuttable solder jumpers pins:
  • Digital 0-1
  • reset
  • 3V3
  • analog reference
  • voltage in
Non-configurable pins:
  • 5v
  • GND

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