Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit

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Makeblock is the next generation of construction and prototyping platform. Help to turn your ideas into success. You can use this platform to build something big, strong and professional.

Most are aluminum extrusion strong parts, smart designed threaded slot allow you to joint screws in any position along the slot without using nuts. This platform contains basic structure parts, transition parts, motors, brackets etc. enough for you to build nearly everything, robots, 3D printers, camera sliders, smart toys and so on.

This platform is open, compatible with many industry standard parts, also compatible with Lego bricks (the basic hole distance in Lego and Makeblock are both 8mm).

In this Ultimate Makeblock Robot Starter Kit you can find nearly all parts from our first 4 Robotic Kits:


plus some additional parts to make your own cool extensions.

This enables you to build:

  • more than four different 4WD robot configurations
  • more than four different 2WD robot configurations, up to two at the same time
  • a timing belt driven robot arm in different configurations
  • different timing belt applications


  • Aluminum extrusion parts make whole structure strong enough even for a 70kg person standing on it.
  • Threaded slot brings high flexibility, no need to use nuts.
  • 4 metal geared motors with longer output shaft and backend shaft for encoder.
  • Aluminum extrusion wheel hub, is also a timing pulley.
  • High performance timing belt transition support.
  • Flange bearings bring low friction, high performance.
  • Acrylic Boards for connecting Arduino boards to mechanical parts.
  • Adjustable link rods, you can cut with pliers to get the right length you want.
  • Highly extensible.

Part List

  • 2x Beam 0824-96
  • 2x Beam 0824-128
  • 4x Beam 0824-144
  • 4x Beam 0824-160
  • 4x Beam 0824-192
  • 2x Beam 0808-144
  • 4x Beam 0808-160
  • 4x Beam 0808-192
  • 8x Link Rod
  • 6x Plate 3x6
  • 4x Plate 7x9
  • 2x Disc
  • 4x Bracket 3x3
  • 2x Bracket 3x6
  • 2x Timing pulley 32T
  • 4x Timing pulley 32T Slice
  • 2x Timing pulley 66T
  • 4x Timing pulley 90T
  • 8x Timing pulley 90T Slice
  • 4x DC Motor 25mm
  • 4x Motor Bracket 25mm
  • 6x Shaft Connector 4mm
  • 4x Bracket P1
  • 4x Bracket P3
  • 4x Tyre 68.5x22mm
  • 2x Caster Wheel
  • 2x Nut M8
  • 2x Timing Belt 113T
  • 2x Timing Belt 216T
  • 4x D Shaft 4x160mm
  • 4x Axle Thread 4x31mm
  • 8x Shaft Collar 4mm
  • 10x Flange Bearing 4x8x3mm
  • 1x Battery Holder
  • 1x Ardunio Bracket
  • 1x Battery Bracket
  • 1x Screw Driver Big
  • 1x Screw Driver Small
  • 20x Headless Screw M3 x 5mm
  • 12x Screw M3x8mm
  • 45x Screw M4x8mm
  • 45x Screw M4x14mm
  • 24x Screw M4x22mm
  • 36x Nut M4
  • 8x Plastic Rivet R3065
  • 30x Plastic Rivet R4060
  • 20x Plastic Rivet R4090
  • 30x Plastic Rivet R4120
  • 30x Plastic Ring

Visit Makeblock overview website to get more information about Makeblock and see what other application and extension kits are already available.