Magnetic Encoder Disc for Micro Metal Gearmotors, OD 7.65 mm, ID 1.0 mm, 12 CPR (Bulk)

via Pololu
SKU PL-2599

We have 8 units in our Sydney Warehouse available for immediate dispatch.

We can get a further 1050 units in Australia from Pololu. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Jan 21, 2020 - Jan 28, 2020.

These are the same magnetic discs we include with our magnetic encoder pair kit for micro metal gearmotors. They are 2 mm thick with a 7.65 mm diameter, and the hole through the center enables them to securely press-fit onto the 1mm-diameter motor shafts of our micro metal gearmotors with extended motor shafts. The disc consists of six evenly spaced magnetic poles (three north-south pairs), which allows for an encoder system that offers 12 counts per revolution.

This bulk-packaged product is primarily intended for those wanting to integrate these encoder discs into their own systems in higher volumes, but the minimum quantity is set to five for those who want to just get a few as replacements or samples. We will package these to order, and quantities shown in stock will be limited to 10 units. We generally expect orders of up to a few hundred units to ship within a day. For larger orders, please contact us for lead time estimates.