Logic Pirate

SKU SS-102990062
The Logic Pirate is an inexpensive, yet capable open source logic analyzer. It can sample 8 channels at 20 million samples per second, and may be overclocked for even faster acquisitions. It's designed to support the open source SUMP logic analyzer protocol with software available for most operating systems.
  • 8 channels 
  • 256,000 Samples recording size 
  • 20 MHz sampling speed, can potentially be overclocked to 60 MHz 
  • No compromise on sample size when combining different speeds or number of channels 
  • Simple configurable edge detection triggers on all inputs (simple OR trigger) 
  • Configurable ratio of samples from before and after the trigger (rolling sample buffer) 
  • 5 V tolerant inputs (LOW-level voltage < 0.8 V, HIGH-level voltage > 2.0 V) 
  • About 500 kB/s transfer speed to the PC (256 kSamples take about 0.5 seconds) 
  • Data capturing can be stopped from the host software anytime 
  • Cross platform host software for Windows, OS X, and Linux 
  • DIY-friendly 0603 parts and SOIC packages used on a 2-layer board 
  • On board 3.3 V regulator can supply up to 400 mA to an external circuit 
  • Tiny 3cm x 3cm PCB 
  • Firmware updates via built-in USB bootloader 
  • Probe cables and acrylic case available from Seeed Studio 
  • Open source PCB (EAGLE) and firmware files 
Some features of the OLS host software
  • Precise measurement by using up to ten free placeable cursors 
  • Automatic period, frequency, and duty cycle measurement 
  • Displaying channel groups as HEX values and/or as an analog signal 
  • Analyzers for a large number of protocols: 1-Wire, I2C, JTAG, SPI, UART, etc.