Logic DC Jack v1.0

SKU SS-106020001
Logic DC Jack is a logic module build with AND and NOT functions, which you can change the level of output via logic principles. Also with a switch for changing logic between AND and NOT, you can use one of functions easily.
It can provide two logic inputs at most and let you to accomplish some simple even complicated logic applications. What’s more, this package of Logic DC Jack includes a 9v battery holder which can be plugged into the external power jack of Logic DC Jack, you can use this logic module with some Grove products easily in a tiny shape without huge mainboard.
  • Dual input and single output
  • Logic selection switch
  • Half bridge output, can drive motor directly
  • No-load current: 10±1mA;
  • Supply power: 6~9V;
  • Operation voltage: 5V;
  • Power conversion efficiency 82±5%
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