Little Bird 45 in 1 Sensor Kit for Arduino


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What do I get as part of the kit?

The Little Bird 45 in 1 Sensor Kit for Arduino was designed for the absolute beginner - no experience required at all in programming or physical computing. We will guide you each step on the way as the kit includes 41 tutorials that will teach you how to use the Arduino with a variety of sensors. Also included are a set of 30 complete tutorials with full-colour illustrations and diagrams found on our website. (Links to resources can be found down below!) Each kit and tutorial has been lovingly handcrafted by the Little Bird Team.

What will I know after completing the kit?

After completing the kit, you will gain both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience with using the Arduino. You will be able to advance from beginner to novice and build your own projects after mastering these fundamentals.

Kit includes:

  1. 1 x Arduino PS2 Joystick game controller module
  2. 1 x Infrared sensor receiver module
  3. 1 x Laser head sensor module
  4. 1 x Temperature and humidity sensor module
  5. 1 x Infrared emission sensor module
  6. 1 x 5V relay module
  7. 1 x Smart car avoid obstacle sensor infrared sensor photoelectric switch
  8. 1 x ARDUINO finger detect heartbeat module
  9. 1 x Microphone sensitivity sensor module
  10. 1 x Metal touch sensor module
  11. 1 x Flame sensor module
  12. 1 x 3-color LED module
  13. 1 x Hunt sensor module
  14. 1 x Linear magnetic Hall sensors
  15. 1 x Rotary encoder modules
  16. 1 x Active buzzer module
  17. 1 x Magic Light Cup modules
  18. 1 x Small passive buzzer module
  19. 1 x Digital temperature sensor module
  20. 1 x Optical breaking module
  21. 1 x Temperature sensor module
  22. 1 x Bicolor LED common cathode module 3MM
  23. 1 x Mercury opening module
  24. 1 x Hall magnetic sensor module
  25. 1 x RGB LED SMD module
  26. 1 x Arduino Mini Reed module
  27. 1 x Tilt switch module
  28. 1 x Automatically flashing LED module
  29. 1 x Key switch module
  30. 1 x Photoresistor module
  31. 1 x Vibration switch module
  32. 1 x ARDUINO hit sensor module
  33. 1 x Temperature sensor module
  34. 1 x Analogy Holzer magnetic sensor
  35. 1 x Microphone sound sensor module
  36. 1 x Large reed module
  37. 1 x Two-color LED module
  38. 1 x Breadboard power module
  39. 1 x Ultrasonic module
  40. 1 x MP1584EN buck module
  41. 1 x SD card reader module
  42. 1 x Gyro Module
  43. 1 x Soil module
  44. 1 x DS1302 clock module
  45. 1 x Water level module

Link to documentation included in the kit can be found here. This is where you'll find example code and wiring diagrams.

More Resources & Guides:

Note: While some of these tutorials use a non-module part, the equivalent module found in the kit can be used as a simpler substitute.

Additional reading:

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