LED Lamp Speaker

via Jaycar
Beautiful and very functional. It features a rechargeable battery so you can put it just about anywhere, and either tether to a Bluetooth audio source or playback from the microSD card; there’s even a 3.5mm aux input! It recharges via USB (cable supplied) to provide up to 5hrs of playback, and provides beautiful LED illumination while being used. Easy to use, with great sound.


- Rechargeable battery
- Audio Source: Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX, microSD Card
- Speaker: 3W
- Battery: 1200mAh
- Signal Noise Rate: > 85dB
 -USB Recharging: 5VDC @ 500mA

Height 121mm
Weight 365g
Diameter 96mm
Bluetooth Range 10
Shape LiPo
Batteries included
Batteries replaceable
Run time 5hr
USB rechargeable
USB recharge time 3hr
Audio Line Input
Playtime 5hr
Warranty: 12 Months