LED Battery Voltage Indicator Kit

via Jaycar
This tiny circuit measures just 25mm x 25mm and will provide power indication and low voltage indication using a bi-colour LED, and can be used in just about any piece of battery operated equipment. Current consumption is only 3mA at 6V and 8mA at 10V and the circuit is suitable for equipment powered from about 6-30VDC. With a simple circuit change, the bi-colour LED will produce a red glow to indicate that the voltage has EXCEEDED a preset value. PCB, bi-colour LED and all specified electronic components supplied.

Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Difficulty Simple
Application Field LED Battery Voltage Indicator
PCB Width 25mm
PCB Length 24mm
Estimated Construction Time 15min
Tools required Soldering Iron
Warranty: 3 Months