Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack for XY-Plotter Robot Kit

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What is Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack?

Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack can be used with XY Plotter Robot Kit (SKU: 90014) and mDrawBot (SKU: 90070 & SKU: 90078) adding laser engraving function to these 2 robot kits.

Easy to use

Easy assembly and suitable for places required engraving or cutter, such as at home, in hackerspace, at school, in companies, etc.



Controlled by mDraw or Benbox, Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack is able to engrave awesome patterns and words on phone case, wallet, jeans, wooden board, paper board, Acrylic plate, etc, hence customizing your own special items.


• No direct eye-contact with the laser light path;

• DO NOT irradiate others by the laser;

• Keep it away from children and other people who are not familiar with laser usage;

• Minimumage:18-year-old.Under the age of18, please use under parental supervision;

• Pay attention when you're operating the blue-violet laser. MAKE SURE to wear the goggles to avoid any dangers.


Engraving graphic display

Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack uses a beam of light to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials.

Follow the instruction, assemble the lasers elements to the assembled XY Plotter Robot Kit V2.0 and upload the firmware to the Me Baseboard. You can use mDrawBot or Benbox Laser Engraver to control the laser engraver robot to engrave fabulous artworks.

Please refer below Demo:



Additional Accessories:

(1) A pair of blue-violet laser goggles. Goggles picture above is for reference only.

(2) Several colorful paper cards.


Parts List
1 x 450-500mW Laser Components 1 x Cross &2.5mm HEX Screwdriver 1 x Bracket 3x6
4 x Screw M4x8 1 x DC power cord 5.5*2.1MM 4 x Countersunk Screw M3x8
1 x Motor Cable Jeck plug 4 x Nylon Cable Ties 1 x Blue-violet laser goggles
4 x Foot pads 4 x Colorful paper card  


Due to the particularity of laser, the application scope of the laser pack and products that included laser module is limited, please do not expand their application scope. Limitations are as follows:

1. The laser pack can only be used in the following kit:

• Use in mScara, one building form of mDrawbot (SKU: 90082, 90086)

• Use in XY Plotter Robot Kit (With Electronic Modules) (SKU: 90014)

(Note: For kits that included laser pack, we provide detailed manual and technical support.)

2. The laser pack can only be used in the following DIY product:

• DIY XY Plotter Robot Kit (Without Electronic Modules) (SKU: 91018)

• Other DIY products for personal use or agency use, for instance, transforming XY plotter or 3D Printer.

(Note: For using laser pack in DIY products, we only provide laser specification.)


Laser Engraver Pack (500mW) Remark
Wavelength 405nm  
Power 500mW  
W/ Voltage Conversion Box Input DC 12V 1.5A +
W/O Voltage Conversion Box Input DC 5V±0.2V 200mA -
Operating Temperature 0℃-50℃  
Storage & Transport temperature -40℃-85℃  
Engrave Accuracy 0.1mm  
Engraver Software mDraw & Benbox  
Benbox Supports file type JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, DXF  
mDraw Supports file type SVG, BMP  
Electronics Makeblock Me Orion(Based on Arduino Uno)  
Processable Material
Material Cut Engrave
Cardboard up to 1.5mm YES
Wood Board up to 1.5mm YES
Rubber Sheet up to 0.5mm YES
Foam Paper up to 2.5mm YES
Dark color cloth (jean cloth, cotton cloth and linen) up to 0.5mm YES
Non-transparent ACRYL Up to 0.5mm (※1) YES
Plastic Sheet Up to 0.25mm (※2) YES
Urethane Sheet up to 2mm up YES
Mirror NO NO
Glass NO NO
Ceramic NO NO
Aluminum NO YES (※ 3)
Steel NO NO
Stainless NO NO

※1. Opaque black acrylic only, ※ 2.Gray plastic plate only, ※ 3.Peeling of anodized only.



All-in-One Package (88.39 MB)

This package has everything you need to play with XY Plotter. Click the picture on the left side to downloadit.

Package includes:

Laser Engraver Pack for XY User Guide PDF (3.22 MB)
How to use inkscape+corelDRAW software PDF (2.55 MB)
XY Plotter V2.02 Assembly instructions PDF (11.0 MB)
Benbox Examples of material (40.8 MB)
mDraw Examples of material (18.0 MB)
Benbox Software (35.3 MB)
mDraw Software (22.7MB)



mDraw Software (Mac Version) (29.65MB)

Click the picture on the left side to download it.



mDraw Software (Windows Version) (22.77 MB)

Click the picture on the left side to download it.



Software Instruction (mDraw inkscape & CorelDRAW) (5.36 MB)

Click the picture on the left side to download it.



Benbox Software(35.4 MB)

Click the picture on the left side to download it. Note: We occasionally get reports from users that Benbox is blocked by antivirus software during installation. This is because Benbox is not in the whitelist of the antivirus software. Please rest assured that Benbox is safe to download and install. Make sure to turn off the antivirus software before installing Benbox on your computer.

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