Kingray SAM224FS 4-Output Masthead Amplifier

via Jaycar
Australian design and high quality SMD construction leads to exception performance from this 4-output masthead amplifier from Kingray. Accepts a single mixed antenna input, and provides four amplified outputs for you to run to each wall point in your home. All connections are F-type to ensure best signal quality, and the circuit board is housed in a metal case to shield against noise. Includes power supply.

> Wide input range to suit all analogue and digital TV signals
> 4 individual amplified outputs
> Suitable for combined VHF/UHF antenna input
> Replacement power supply LT-3256

* Noise figure: Max output: 100 dBuV DIN45004B / -60dB IMR


Usage Location Outdoor
UHF Noise Figure 3.5dB
UHF Gain Control 11dB-14dB
Frequency Response 44MHz-860MHz
VHF Gain 12dB
UHF Gain 16dB
Number of Outputs 4pc
Type of Amplifier Masthead
DC Voltage 14V
DC Max current 70mA
Warranty: 36 Months