Joinmax Digital Gripper Kit with Servo

via Pololu

This robotic gripper kit is the same gripper that is used in the Joinmax Digital Hexapod Monster and Robot Arm, except that it is gray instead of yellow. The kit includes five plastic pieces, a servo, and two pairs of nuts and bolts to hold everything together. This gripper kit is a great way to give your robot the ability to grasp small objects. The pincers can open up to a little over 180°, and the servo responds to the standard 1-2 millisecond pulses that are used to control most hobby radio control (R/C) servos.

Joinmax Digital gripper assembly diagram.

Joinmax Digital gripper dimensions

Note:The Joinmax Digital gripper kit is a kit; assembly is required, and you need to connect it to your own electronics that can control a standard R/C servo.