ITEAD Touch Network Intelligent Switch with 2 Touch Buttons - Black 2 Channels

via Itead
SKU IT-IM121218024


This switch belongs to N series touch wall switch. It has 2 buttons on the switch and it has networking function. It will never fade becuase of its high quality crystal glass panel. The touch panel is very sensitive and the switch can prevent creepage and electric chock, so it's very safe and comfortable. Crystal glass panel design makes the switch very fashionable and beautiful. There is no need to rewire when you install with the sigle live wire control. With its smart design, it is easy to install. The whole switches of this series are applicable to filament lamp, energy saving lighting, fluorescent lamp etc. Two colors of the switch can be chosen for you. 

Electrical Features

  • Rated Voltage: 110V-240V AC, 50/60Hz¬†
  • Load type: filament lamp, energy saving lighting, fluorescent lamp etc.
  • Max. One-way load: Resistance (such as filament lamp) 800W;¬†Sensitivity: (such as fluorescent lamp) 500W ;¬†Min. One way power>3W;¬†Total power (total of each power) ‚ȧ1500W
  • 4.Standby Current: <55uA
  • 5.Standby Dissipation: <0.01W(AC 220V below)
  • 6.Wireless Communication Frequency: 433MHZ
  • 7.Receiving Sensitivity: -102db (only D and W series)
  • 8.Data Transmission Dissipation: 10mw (only W series)
  • 9.Remote Control Range: 10-15meter (remote control, indoor environment)¬†
  • 10.Mutual Control Range: 30-50meter (mutual control function with network, indoor environment)
  • 11.Working temperature: -25‚ĄÉ~+70‚ĄÉ
  • 12.Relative Humidity: <70%
  • Dimension: 86.1*86.1*36.1mm