Intelligent 10 Sector Alarm System

via Jaycar
Fully configurable and programmable, this professional alarm panel is the most advanced version of our 10 zone alarm controllers. Boasting an impressive range of features above our standard alarm systems, the LA-5368 alarm panel gives you everything required for advanced alarm installations. Standard features include support for up to four individual named keypads at a maximum range of 100m from the controller, four access levels of user codes with flexibility to program any zone as security, PA, fire or 24 hour tamper. Advanced features include more programming flexibility during installation and support for optional accessories; wireless sensor adaptor and GSM dialler.

As this panel is designed with the flexibility to suit the requirements of many different installations, it is supplied as a control panel only. Additional components, sensors and accessories are available to cater for specific applications.

Suitable accessories - sold separately:
LED Keypad Cat. LA-5561
LCD Keypad Cat. LA-5563
GSM Dialler Module Cat. LA-5369
Wireless Sensor Adaptor Cat. LA-5367
12V 1.3Ah Backup Battery Cat. SB-2482
* Suits standard PIR and Reed switches
Note: Standard Ethernet cables have 8 internal conductors with defined colours. There have been two standards over the years a) EIA-568-A and b) EIA-568-B for straight through cables with the B version being the more recent. Unfortunately, the pinout/ colour code is quite different for the A and B type cables. Please refer to the Wiring Guide for assistance.

Warranty: 12 Months