Intelligent 1.3" Round LCD Module for Arduino

via Jaycar
This innovative circular display is ideally suited for graphical gauges, needle-meters and robotics projects. The display is easy to program and interface to your project with 4D Systems' free Workshop-4-IDE software. Includes an Arduino Adaptor Shield, a 5 pin header, jumper leads and also a 4GB microSD card.

Resolution: 220 x 220 (Round)
Colours: 65K
16 GPIO  pins
4 Analogue Inputs
Up to 6 PWM outputs.
Up to 3 SPI ports
Up to 4 Serial TTL ports
Up to 3 I2C ports
PWM Audio output, play .WAV files from SD card.


Length 43mm
Width 47mm
Depth 14mm
Sensor Outputs 6
Warranty: 12 Months