Inspection Camera with Record Detachable Wireless Screen

via Jaycar
With a 9mm diameter and four LEDs, the head of this inspection camera can capture video and pictures in confined and dark locations. The head and flexible boom being IP67 rated enables them both to be submerged in water during operation (however the base unit and LCD cannot get wet! Caution!).

Included is a 2GB MicroSD card on which video and pictures can be recorded. These files can then be viewed on a TV with the included Video out cable or saved onto a PC via the USB cable included.

The 3.5 LCD is detachable from the handle, which receives a wireless transmission from the camera. This enables more flexibility during operation, i.e. you can hold and manoeuvre the camera with one hand whilst keeping the LCD in full view in the other hand all the time. It makes operation easier.

* 2GB MicroSD card included (accepts up to 16GB)
* Photo & Video resolution 640 x 480
* Video memory usage approx. 27MB/min - With 2GB MicroSD card approx.75 min can be stored.
* Photo memory usage approx. 75kB - With 2GB MicroSD card approx. 27000 photos can be stored.
* 3.5 LCD
* Wireless transmission frequency 2.4GHz
* IP67 rated Camera and Flexible boom
* 4 white LEDs
* Three useful accessories - hook, mirror, magnet.
* Lithium-ion battery in LCD - 3hour Charge, 2 hour usage.
* Strong plastic carry case
* 4 x AA batteries required for camera handle
* USB cable included
* Video out cable included
* Power supply 5VDC 1A included
* Flexible boom 1m long

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Length 145mm
Width 86mm
Depth 41mm
Height 70mm
Width 100mm
Additional Part Type Other (details below)
Depth 25mm
Additional Part Details Monitor
Battery type AA
Battery Quantity 4pc
Batteries can be replaced
How is battery compartment kept closed Slide
Warranty: 12 Months