InnoBits Workshop Kit - Over 100 modules!

via Inno Bits

This Classroom Kit offers a great value with 110 modules, 10 each of our most popular modules. The perfect tool for your classroom, makerspace, library or after-school program. You can easily structure lessons and workshops with this set!

-- Easily demonstrate the power of the maker movement and learning-by-doing
-- Includes a handy box for storage
-- Perfect for hands-on STEM / STEAM learning
-- Supports iterative learning through design challenges 

-- There is a huge range of workshop examples around the LittleBits Workshop Set that this is compatible with.

-- These InnoBits are compatible with LittleBits and LEGO® making them modular and easily expandable.

Please note the modules are bigger than the LittleBits ones so they don't sit flush but the connectors do hook up.


10x of these


10x of these

  • screwdrivers


  • Recommended Age: 8+