Infrared T-Coil Hearing Aid Transmitter and Receiver

via Jaycar
An ingeniously designed infra-red TV Hearing aid system that utilises tele-coil (t-coil) technology for use with most common hearing aids. Unlike other big and clunky TV Hearing aid designs, this system has a comfortable and lightweight neck loop that picks up the audio signal from the infra-red transmitter. The signal is then retransmitted electromagnetically to the hearing aid device producing crystal clear audio sound.

The infra-red docking station has facility for two T-coil receiver neck loops. Simply dock the receiver and it will automatically charge the internal lithium battery which provides 8 hours of continuous use on a full charge. Features voice clarifying and noise cancelling technology, it also has automatic signal, balance and tone controls.

•    Phone hearing aid function
•    Chatting hearing aid function
•    Wired listening hearing aid function for MP3, radio, PC etc
•    Tone control
•    Balance control
•    Auto power off function for transmitter
•    Battery life: 8 hours

Run Time of Battery 8hr
Style of Headphone Backphones
Audio Channels Stereo