Humidity /temperature sensor module

The module of HSM-20G is essential for those applications where the
relative humidity can be converted to standard voltage output.  
1. Applications  
  ¦ Humidifiers & dehumidifiers  
  ¦ Air-conditioner  
  ¦ Humidity data loggers  
  ¦ Automotive climate control  
  ¦ Other applications  
Characteristics  HSM-20G   
Input voltage range    DC 5.0±0.2V   
Output voltage range    DC 1.0???.0 V   
Measurement Accuracy    ±5% RH   
Operating Current (Maximum)    2mA   
Storage RH Range    0 to 99% RH   
Operating RH Range    20 to 95% (100% RH intermittent)
Transient Condensation    < 3%RH   
Storage  -20℃  to 70℃    Temperature Range   
Operating    0℃  to 50℃   
Hysteresis (RH @ 25℃)    MAX 2%RH   
Long Term Stability(typical drift per year)  ±1.5%   
Linearity    Linearity   
Time Response(63% step change)    1 min   
Dimensions(L*W)    34mm*22mm   
Complete Datasheet could be found here.