High-Power Class-D Audio Amplifier Kit

via Jaycar
Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine November and December, 2012.

This DIY high performance amplifier boasts 250WRMS output into 4 ohms, 150W into 8 ohms and can be bridged with a second kit for 450W into 8 ohms. Not only does it output high-quality sound, it is also rugged and reliable with all sorts of protection built in. Class-D amplifiers are also far more efficient and generate much less heat than linear Class-A, B and AB designs.

* High efficiency
* High power
* Low distortion and noise
* Bridging option for driving 8-ohm load with two modules
* Over-current protection
• Over-temperature protection
* Under-voltage switch-off
* Over-voltage switch-off
* DC offset protection
* Fault indicator
* Amplifier running indicator
* Optional speaker protection module (see KC-5515)
* Efficiency: Typically 90% at full power for 8 ohm and 83% for 4 ohm
* Input sensitivity: 2VRMS (4 ohm), 2.2VRMS (8 ohm)
* Power requirements: +/- 40 to 60VDC, 50 to 55V nominal (see KC-5517)

Kit supplied with double sided, soldermasked and screen-printed PCB with SMD IC pre-soldered, heatsink, and electronic components.

Note: The surface-mount IC is pre-soldered to avoid frustration

Also available: KC-5515 Stereo Speaker Protector Kit to suit KC-5517 +/- 55V Power Supply Kit to suit

Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Kit Group General Projects
Difficulty Detailed
Application Field Audio Amplifier Kit
PCB Width 117mm
PCB Length 167mm
Estimated Construction Time 90min
Tools required Soldering Iron,Flat Head Screwdriver
Audio Device Amplifier
Signal Input Level 2mV
Output power 150W
Output impedence range 8Ω
Audio frequency range 10Hz-10kHz
Audio distortion 0.01%
Signal to noise ratio 103
Audio power supply 40 to 60VDC, 50 to 55V