High Energy Ignition Kit

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Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine November and December 2012 Use this kit to replace a failed ignition module or to upgrade a mechanical ignition system when restoring a vehicle. Suits vehicles with points, hall effect/lumenition, reluctor and optical sensors (Crane and Piranha) pickup, and virtually any ignition system that uses a single coil, even those controlled by an engine management computer.

* Trigger invert option
* Adjustable dwell time
* Option for output or follow input
* Tachometer output
* Adjustable debounce period
* Dwell compensation for battery voltage
* Simplified design using ignition IGBT to switch the coil
* Coil switch-off with no trigger signal.

A spark self-test feature allows the dwell to be easily adjusted to suit the coil in use. Kit supplied with silk-screened PCB, diecast enclosure (111 x 60 x 30mm), pre-programmed PIC and PCB mount components for all four trigger/pickup options.

Requires: Miscellaneous mounting hardware specifc to the individual installation.

Note: Hall-effect and optical pick-ups not included.

High Energy Ignition Kit

Assembly required
Kit Form Full Form (circuit and enclosure)
Kit Group General Projects
Difficulty Detailed
Application Field High Energy Ignition Kit
Estimated Construction Time 3min
Tools required Soldering Iron,Long Nose Pliers
Length 111mm
Width 60mm
Height 30mm

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