Headlight Reminder

via Jaycar
Refer: Silicon Chip August, 2001.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting into your car early in the morning, only to discover that you had left your headlights on the night before, running your car's battery flat. Features include a modulated alarm, ignition and lights monitoring, optional door switch detection, time-out alarm and a short delay before the alarm sounds. Build and install this hassle-saving kit and enjoy a feature in your car that many luxury vehicle owners have long taken for granted. Kit includes quality solder masked PCB with overlay, case with screen printed lid and all electronic components. 12VDC.

Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Kit Group General Projects
Difficulty Simple
Application Field Automotive: Headlight Reminder
PCB Width 49mm
PCB Length 78mm
Estimated Construction Time 60min
Tools required Soldering Iron
Warranty: 3 Months