Grove starter kit plus – Intel IoT Edition for Intel Galileo Gen 1

SKU SS-110020003
What is Grove Starter Kit Plus - Intel IoT Edition?

Grove Starter Kit Plus - Intel IoT Edition for Intel Galileo Gen 1 Developer Kit is a complete hardware & software solution to help you explore the IoT space and create innovative projects. It is a starter kit for Intel Galileo Gen1, best choice for IoT developer to develop potential of Intel Galileo Gen1 and build prototype built in Galileo 1. Here are a collection of sensors, actuators and shields that we have had success using with Intel Galileo Gen 1. Here also comes the software resource, OS Boot Image(Galileo only), IDE Dev Environment (Yocto ADT). More resource please download from

Please visit Intel/iot page for more info about this product
What's inside

Grove - Smart Relay × 1

Grove - Mini Servo × 1

8GB Micro SD Card with an SD Card Adapter × 1

9V to Barrel Jack Adapter - 126mm × 1  Just only be used for external module power supply.Not be on the Gen1 power supply

26AWG Grove Cable × 15

Micro USB Cable × 1

Serial Cable × 1

Ethernet Cable × 1

We are always looking for additional Groves or Shields to bring to our platform so do not hesitate to contribute and if you have some suggestions for our current drivers you can always make a message in our comments or forums.