Grove - Recorder

SKU SS-103020018
Grove - Recorder is based on ISD1820P, which can record 8~20 sec by set resistor and cycle play. It can offers true single-chip voice recording, no-volatile storage. Grove - Recorder is 100K and the total 10s for Recorder. This module is very easy to control, which can direct control by push button on board or by microcontroller. 
  • Grove connector¬†
  • Lower power consumption¬†
  • Non-volatile storage¬†
  • User-friendly¬†
  • replacing a single resistor to change sample rate¬†
  • add a resistor to set play cycle mode¬†


Package IncludeÔľö

  • Grove - Recorder¬†
  • Speaker
  • grove 20cm cable

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