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For several decades, Elektor has traditionally published a double July/August issue each year. This special issue is dedicated to short, usually simple design articles for DIY projects in every imaginable application area.

The Elektor USA Special Projects Edition features over 100 designs, tips, and circuit ideas from individual readers as well as regular contributors to the magazine, all aimed at getting your design juices flowing and giving you a broad choice of projects suitable for building in an evening or on a Saturday afternoon.

Here are just a few of the articles in this year’s July/August issue:

  • Car Radio Booster
  • Cheap Bicycle Alarm
  • Whistler: Electronic Trainer/Coach
  • Solar Cell Battery Charger/Monitor
  • Animal-Friendly Mousetrap
  • Adjustable Low-voltage Power Supply
  • Universal PWM Driver
  • 3D LED Pyramid
  • Petrol/Diesel Level Sensor
  • Fast Reliable Vias
  • Voltage Monitor

See the complete list at the Elektor July/August 2010 web site.