Four Zone Security Alarm System with 2 Wire Technology

via Jaycar
At last a user friendly 4 zone Alarm System that is easy to set-up and provides exceptional levels of security. The system utilizes two-wire technology to ensure simple set-up that the DIY enthusiasts will love. The control unit has a built-in keypad with status LEDs and a three modes or operation (Home, Out, Off). All sensors and sounders are line-protected so any attempt to interfere will sound the alarm.

* Simple and effective Four-Zone system that enables you to set up multiple zones which can be monitored or enable independently (i.e. Upstairs/Downstairs or house & Garage etc.)
* All system components (sensors, sirens) are connected to the Control Unit via a two-core non-polar flat wire
* Control Unit has built-in keypad with status LEDs and zone indicators
* Low battery and tamper attempts will be indicated by the status LEDs
* Push button Home, Out, and Off mode operation
* Home and Out modes are pre-programmed for user convenience
* Door chime function is available when system is not armed
* Short circuit tamper attacks to any zone sensor will trigger the alarm. The affected zones can be identified by flashing LED zone indicator. The affected zone is automatically isolated and the rest of the system remains operational.
* User PIN for disarming (resetting) the system, plus Duress PIN to also dial out via a telephone dialler (if fitted) when entering the premises under Duress.
* Individual Zones can be set to Home-Bypass or Bypass; for example, the upstairs detectors can be set to Home-Bypass at night
* Two PIR motion detectors can be connected to each PIR sensor circuit
* The system can be expanded to have four PIRs as well as many magnetic contacts
* Connections are provided for adding telephone dialler to the system. (Note: Jaycar Electronics does not sell the required dialler)

* Control Unit
* Two Movement Detector PIRs
* Four Door/Window contact
* External Siren
* 240VAC Adaptor
* Clips
* Screw/wall plug packs
* 50m two-core flat wire and clips

* Control Unit
* Type: Microprocessor based control unit with new two-wire technology
* Housing: ABS
* Zones: 4 Alarm Zones (Expandable by connecting 2 PIRs to each of Zones 3 and 4)
* Entry/Exit Delay: 15, 30, 45 seconds programmable
* Siren Duration: 1, 3 ,10 minutes programmable
* Siren/Strobe Outputs: 12V
* Size: 160(H)x185(W)x35(D)mm

* Type: Dual Pyroelectric element with hemispherical lens and new two-wire technology
* Housing: ABS
* Adjustments: Pulse Count (1, 2 or 4)
* Test LED: Selectable (on/off)
* Mounting Height: 2 - 2.5m
* Detection Range: Up to 15m
* Size: 105(H) x 65(W) x 45(D)mm

* Type: Magnetically - actuated switch
* Housing: ABS
* Size 67(H) x 13(W) x 12(D)

* Type: Piezo electronic external siren
* Housing: ABS
* Siren Output: 110dB min. at 1m
* Size: 180(H) x 113(W) x 47(D)

Zones 4
Operating Voltage 12V
Solar panel type wired
Warranty: 12 Months