FEETECH Standard Servo FS5106B

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The FS5106B is a general-purpose standard-size analog servo from FEETECH. The output shaft is supported by two ball bearings for reduced friction. The FS5103B works with standard RC servo pulses, providing a running angle of approximately 180° over a servo pulse range of 700 µs to 2300 µs, and it has a 12″ (30 cm) cable that is terminated with a standard JR-style connector, which is Futaba-compatible.

The servo cable is terminated with a Futaba-compatible JR-style connector.

FEETECH Standard Servo FS5106B with included hardware (actual hardware might vary).

An aluminum servo horn that works with this servo is available separately:

Power HD SR8 Aluminum 25T Servo Horn.

You can find more information about this servo in its datasheet (133k pdf).

Note that, as with most hobby servos, stalling or back-driving this servo can damage it.

FS5106B vs FS5106R

Two versions of this servo are available. This product is the FS5106B, which offers closed-loop position control over a limited range (approximately 180°). Alternatively, the FS5106R was designed specifically for open-loop speed control over an unlimited range. The FS5106B and FS5106R have identical dimensions and use the same motor and gear reduction.

Comparison to the Power HD 6001HB servo

This servo is a lower-cost alternative to the 6001HB from Power HD, which has nearly identical dimensions and similar performance. The two servos should be generally interchangeable for most applications. The picture below shows both the FS5106B and the 6001HB side by side: