Fan Assisted-Type Heatsink - 254mm Long

via Jaycar

We can get 555 units in Australia from Jaycar. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Jul 31, 2021 - Aug 05, 2021.

This heatsink is designed to mate with itself to form a tunnel. The heatsink extrusion has screw flute centre to enable 4 x No.6 self- tapping screws to fasten an 80mm standard type fan on one (or both) end/s to drive air through the heatsink assembly. It is ideal for high power amplifiers and power supplies. The entire assembly, including fan/s can still fit inside a 2 x Rackunit (88mm) enclosure. The heatsink also features ribbed fins for extra surface area, a 4mm thick base to enable thread tapping and small vee grooves on 5mm centres to facilitate mounting hole location. The centre groove, for example, is directly below the middle fin. 

Thermal Characteristics:

Assembly Type Cooling Mode Rating (approx)
Single Length Convection 0.83° C/W
Tunnel Assembly Convection 0.70° C/W
Tunnel Assembly Fan Assisted (single) 0.35° C/W
Tunnel Assembly Fan Assisted (dual) 0.30° C/W

Suitable fans are YX- 2512 (12V DC) or YX- 2510 (240V AC).

Heatsink Layout Fan
Heatsink Thermal Resistance 0.83°C/W
Heatsink Fins 2pc
Sink Area Width 254mm
Component Mount Area Height 84mm
Cooling Fan Mount Size 84mm
Heatsink Mounting Method Screw Down
Length 254mm
Warranty: 3 Months