expEYES Junior

SKU SS-109990025
expEYES is a hardware/software framework for developing science & electronics experiments, with reasonable accuracy. It can be connected to the USB port of any computer. It provides several Analog Input/Outputs with 12 bit resolution, in addition to a host of other features like wave generation, capacitance measurement, time interval measurement etc. The interface is accessed from Python, using simple commands. Graphical User Interface is already available for a large number of experiments. The software is distributed under GNU General Public License. The latest version including a set of accessories and user manual.
  • A tool for learning science by exploring and experimenting
  • 50 documented experiments and easy to add more 
  • Wide range, High school and above
  • Built-in Signal Generator and CRO
  • USB Powered
  • 12bit analog resolution
  • Microsecond timing resolution
  • Open Hardware & Free Software
  • Software in Python language
  • Compact, 8.6x5.8x1.6 cm, 60 gm
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