ESP32-S2-MINI-1 Module (PCB Antenna)

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ESP32-S2-MINI-1 is a powerful, generic WiFi-MCU module that has a rich set of peripherals. It can be applied in a wide variety of scenarios relating to wearable electronics, smart home, etc.

The module embeds ESP32-S2FH4 chip, an Xtensa® 32-bit LX7 CPU that operates at up to 240 MHz, and features a PCB antenna.

The chip has a low-power co-processor that can be used instead of the CPU to save power while performing tasks that do not require much computing power, such as monitoring peripherals state change or whether an analog value exceeds the threshold.

Pin Layout


  • ESP32-S2FH4 chip, Xtensa ® 32-bit LX7 single-core processor
  • 128 KB ROM
  • 320 KB SRAM
  • 16 KB RTC SRAM
  • 40 MHz crystal oscillator
  • 4 MB SPI flash
  • Operating Voltage/Power Supply: 3.0~3.6V
  • Operating Temperature Range: –40~85°C


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