EagLED - Little Bird E-Textile Snipable Board



EagLED is Little Bird Electronics' wearable development kit. It's a complete Arduino compatible microcontroller that has LEDs, Light Sensor, Push Button and Battery Board built into a snippable board.

 USB Support

The EagLED has built-in USB support that user can use to program and power up the board. It's fully compatible with Arduino IDE and also a Microsoft Certified device. With the built-in USB support, user can write sketch that make EagLED act like a mouse, keyboard and also MIDI musical equipment when connected to the computer.

Power Supply

EagLED is designed to be powered by multiple power supplies. 3V coin cell, USB or a single cell 3.7V LiPo battery. EagLED has an onboard 3.3V 600mA CMOS LDO REGULATOR protected by a diode plus and IDEAL diode. The USB supply is also protected by a USB fuse. When powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery, the EagLED is be able to run up to 10 hours with the default factory blinking sketch.

EagLED is fabric friendly. All the component on board are flush to the PCB and won't snag to the garments.

EagLED is easy to use and beginner friendly and destroy proof when battery is connected with a wrong polarity.

EagLED has 4 indicator LEDs, power good, TX, RX and user controlled LED.

EagLED has an onboard ICSP connector for reprogramming by advance users.

The main board of EagLED has 14 sewing tap pads for attachment and electrical connections. 

EagLED also come with 2 Eye LEDs, 2 star LEDs, 2 love heart LEDs, a push button and a light sensor that are all detachable for sewing at different places of a garment.

EagLED has a detachable coin cell holder that has a built-in on/off switch.

EagLED sewing pads are also crocodile clip friendly.


Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 70mm x 100mm
  • Weight : 16.8 grams
  • Input Supply 1 : 5V USB power
  • Input Supply 2 : 3V CR2032 coin cell
  • Input Supply 3 : 3.7V Lipo battery 
  • Maximum Input Supply : 3VDC – 6VDC (Do not supply over 6VDC)


A set of eighteen beginner-friendly guides available right here ..


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