Eachine EF-01 FPV Micro AIO Camera 40CH Transmitter Combo for FPV Indoor Drone


Technical details
The EF-01 AIO FPV camera realize 25mW 40ch 5.8GHz TX, circular polarization clover leaf antenna and great CCD killer 800TVL FPV camera all 3 functions in one limit size and weight unit.
Aluminum case and easy mounting design make it great for smaller scale FPV race drones. It’s perfect for NTSC and PAL as built-in one button switch.

Product Specification
Sensor :1/3
Lens :M8 800TVL Lens
Angle :150° FOV horizontal viewing angle of 170° DFOV diagonal perspective
Format :NTSC / PAL (switchable)
Power consumption :380mA 3.7V
Power Range :3.6-5.5V
Lens Mirror Diameter :2.1mm IR coated FOV150 (horizontal)
Video Transmitter :25MW
VT Wireless Channel :40CH
Antenna :RHCP circular polarization clover leaf antenna
Current :100mA
Weight: 8g
Size: 26x20x18mm (without antenna)

Button function
Short press (Apr. 1 sec or less): Change channels 1-8
Long press (More than 1.5 sec): Change bands A-B-E-F-R
Long + press (More than 3 sec): Change NTSC/PAL system
NTSC or PAL (selectable; Blue LED on= NTSC; Blue LED off=PAL) 

Package List
1 * EF-01 AIO FPV Camera
1 * Cable
1 * User manual