Duinotech Mini 3D Printer

via Jaycar

If you’re looking to get into the 3d printing game, but feel overwhelmed by the size of the 3d Printers out there, then the TL4076 Mini 3d printer is for you. Using the tried and tested Marlin firmware, the Mini 3d printer supports SD card and computer-based printing. You could be printing within minutes of opening the box, because everything you need is in the box (computer needed for preparing files). Perfect for beginners or even children. (12 years plus?)

  •  90mm x 90mm x 90mm print area
  •  Supports 1.75mm filament
  •  Non-heated bed suitable for printing with PLA
  •  Comprehensive tool kit and spares
  •  Sample filament
  •  300(H) x 360(W) x 280(D) mm

Get to know your TL4076: Download the Top 5 Tips


1. Unboxing

2. Setup

3. Operation

4. Calibration

5. Load

6. Change filament

7. Maintenance

Width 360mm
Height 300mm
Depth 280mm
Filament Type PLA
Filament Size 1.75mm
Maximum print size 90mmx90mmx90mm
PC interface USB