Dimmable Constant Current LED Driver Module

via Jaycar
A compact, high quality solution from Mornsun for driving high power LEDs such as our Cree range which require a constant current power supply. Fully potted with a special coating to reduce electromagnetic interference, these drivers are quite versatile in terms of both physical fitment and electrical compatibility. Powered by 5.5-48.0VDC, they can drive up to 10 LEDs in series (input voltage must exceed LED forward voltage though), and can be dimmed either by analogue or PWM signal - meaning that even a simple potentiometer can provide dimming. Both are suitable for driving our new Cree XP-G and MC-E models, however will not reach the full 1500mA drive current capacity of the Cree XP-G. Two models available, 350mA and 700mA. Full datasheet available on our website.


* Input voltage: 5.5 - 48VDC
* Output current: 0-350mA (AA0593), 0-700mA (AA0595)
* Dimming: Analogue or PWM signal
* Efficiency: 96%
* Dimensions: 24(L) x 14(W) x 8(H)mm

0-350mA Dimmable LED Driver Module, AA-0593
0-700mA Dimmable LED Driver Module, AA-0595

Warranty: 12 Months