Digital RGB LED Strip 60 LED - (3m)(weatherproof)

via DFRobot

We can get 5 units in Australia from DFRobot. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Jul 29, 2021 - Aug 15, 2021.

LED Strips always glow nicely in the dark and are super fun to play with. They can be used in home decorations, festives and interactive art installations. For example this Christmas someone put a phone-controlled strip around the Christmas tree for S.O., and it looked great! (Instructables)
This Digital RGB Strip is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. There are 60 RGB LEDs per meter, and you can control each LED individually. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. It also contains a precision internal oscillator and a 12V programmable constant current control part, effectively ensuring the consistency of pixel point light color.
With low voltage requiremnt and environment-friendly design, this Digital RGB LED Strip has high brightness, low power consumption and long life. Its additional features are awaiting your exploration!


  • Integrated control circuit and RGB chip
  • Built-in signal reshaping circuit
  • Built-in electric reset circuit and power lost reset circuit
  • Each pixel of the three primary color can achieve 256 brightness display,16777216 full color display,scan frequency no less than 400Hz/s
  • Cascading port transmission signal by single line
  • Data speed: 800Kbps
  • over 50,000 hours life


  • KTV/Nightclub/Hotel Wall
  • Outdoor signs/banners
  • Home decorative lighting
  • Cars
  • Lighting signals


  • Working Voltage: 3.3 to 6V
  • Max Current: 1A(per meter) @5V
  • Only one pin needed to send the data
  • LED Controlling Individually
  • Note: LEDs can work at 3.3V-6V but the luminance will be different
  • Light source: SMD 5050 LED
  • Material: FPCB
  • ICModel: WS2811 (60 IC/m, each IC controls 1 LED)
  • Grayscale: 256 (60pixels/m)
  • Quantity: 60 LEDs / m, cuttable
  • Emitting Angle: 180 °
  • Power: 18W ± 10% /m
  • Waterproof Level: weatherproof
  • Weight: 150g/roll



  • RGB LED Strip (WS2812) 3meters x1
  • Adapter cable for easy connecting x1