Crazy Cricket and Freaky Frog Kit

via Jaycar
Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine June, 2012.
A fun first project for a budding electronics enthusiast. Designed to imitate the chirping noise of a cricket or gentle croaking of a frog, while keeping its location secret to annoy other family members. It activates after a short time delay in darkness and stops when disturbed by light. Both the cricket and frog modes are pre-programmed in the IC. Each time you turn it on, the alternating program runs. Kit supplied with silk screened PCB, pre-programmed PIC IC, CR2032 button cell battery and electronic components.

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Assembly required
Kit Form Short Form (circuit only)
Kit Group General Projects
Difficulty Detailed
Application Field Crazy Cricket and Freaky Frog Kit
PCB Width 30mm
PCB Length 65mm
Estimated Construction Time 45min
Tools required Soldering Iron,Long Nose Pliers
Battery type CR2032
Are batteries included
Warranty: 3 Months