Crack the Code Kit 2018 / 2019


We can get 1000 units in Australia from Little Bird Electronics. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Apr 09, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020.

This kit contains everything you need for the "Crack the Code" segment in the NSW technology curriculum and a few spares of the easy to lose components.

Products may vary from images but will ensure they are suitable for the kit before swapping anything.

The kit is in two parts - parts for the school to keep and parts for the students to prototype, test and build into their project. Using the Crack the Code Shield the students will learn to code and use the Arduino software without having to worry about hooking up the electronics correctly.  After that, they will be able to prototype on a breadboard and complete their own project.

We have created a Facebook Group for Teachers and Students to share questions and Projects using the Crack the Code Unit of work.  We would love to know how you go with the kit and material!

Kit Contains:

School to Keep:

Student to Keep:

  • 21 x Little Bird Uno R3 Compatible Boards
  • 21 x USB A - B Cable for Arduino
  • 21 x Little Bird Cheat Card - LDR
  • 21 x Little Bird Cheat Card - Potentiometer
  • 21 x Little Bird Cheat Card - Green Buzzer
  • 21 x Little Bird Cheat Card - Button

School Components Box:

Note: We are making a revision to the current Crack the Code Shield and a new batch will be shipping early February 2019.

The new Crack the Code Shield has a 4 pin header for Traffic Lights.