Color RGB Header (40pcs)

via DFRobot
These customized colored pin headers are extensively used in DFRobot's product range. For instance, we are the first who uses 3 colors to clearly indicate the roles that pin headers play:
  • green - digital;
  • blue - analog;
  • red - power
We hope these tiny colorful pin headers help you in your own prototyping,PCB designing projects. Enjoy making!


  • Prototyping
  • Arduino processor or shield female headers
  • Custom pcb design


  • Pins are spaced by 0.1".
  • Arduino processor R3 header kit
  • Blue header - analog pins indication
  • Red header - Arduino power pins indication
  • Green header - digital pins indication


  • 6 Pin Header (Blue) x10
  • 8 Pin Red Header x10
  • 8 Pin Green Header x10
  • 10 Pin Green Header x10