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Nine step fully automatic 15 amp high current charger with maintenance charging of all types of SLA batteries as well as lead-calcium batteries from 50 - 250Ah, and either 12V or 24V. The electronics are fully microprocessor controlled and protected against user error, so is totally safe to leave connected for months at a time. This charger will also charge in sub-zero temperatures, will recover sulphated batteries and can be used as a 10A power supply. Also features "boost" modes to recover deeply discharged batteries. The battery output lead has a temperature sensor to automatically compensate charging voltage dependant on temperature, so no matter what the conditions; you will get a full charge into your battery. The output lead is also fitted with Anderson connectors to allow for easy connection to existing wiring or use of the included alligator clips or bolt terminals.

•    Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
•    Anti-spark protection
•    IP44 outdoor rated
•    Standby, fault, mode selection and charging LED indicators
•    Mounting feet for wall mounting
•    Safe to leave connected for months at a time
•    Input voltage: 170 - 260VAC
•    Input current: 2A max
•    Charging current: 12V-15A, 24V-7.5A, 12V-Calcium-5A
•    Efficiency: >75%
•    Ripple: 150mV, 300mA max
•    Back current drain: <5mA
•    IP44 Rated

NOTE: These chargers are not recommended for long-term "maintenance" charging of unsealed lead-acid batteries, the types with removable filler caps and liquid elctrolyte. Long-term continuous float charging of this type of battery may cause loss of water from the electrolyte, ruining the battery. If you are intending to use this charger on these batteries please use an appliance timer such as MS6113 to automatically limit the charging to 30 minutes or so per day. 

Cell Type(s) Charged SLA Block
Charger Output Voltage 12V,24V
Charger Output Current 15mA
Connection Type Alligator Clips
Controller Type Multi-Stage
Rated for AU Mains
AC Voltage 240V
Vehicle Connection Alligator Clamps
Item Connection Anderson Plug
Length 260mm
Width 135mm
Height 70mm
Warranty: 36 Months