via Jaycar

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Inspect areas your head or hands simply can't fit into and your limited humans eyes can't see. Ideal for finding dropped screws/bolts, seeing inside car engine bays, checking inside pipes, under grates, up rangehoods, in ceilings, and much more. This unit comes with three brilliant addons, a hook, a magnet, and a 45 degree mirror that can be attached to the end of the camera to help you retrieve those important bits. There are 4 white LEDs at the front of the camera that can have their brightness adjusted with a dial fused onto the cable. With the supplied software you can also capture video and images for playback at a later date. Requires no batteries, just connect to your laptop and start viewing.

* Flexible cable neck diameter: 5mm
* Water resistant camera head and cable
* 4 White LED Lights (brightness adjustable)
* Resolution: 640x480
* Lens view angle: 54 degrees
* Focal distance: 6cm-infinite

Length 2.25m
Diameter 10mm
Length 0.75m
Additional Part Details usb cable
Flexible gooseneck
Frame Rate 30
Included Accessories hook, Magnet, 45 degree mirror
Gooseneck Length 1.5m
Supported USB Standards USB 2.0
Confirmed Compatible Operating Systems Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows Vista
Warranty: 12 Months