Button Pad 4x4 - LED Compatible

via SparkFun
SKU SF-COM-07835

We can get 91 units in Australia from SparkFun. If you order today, we can dispatch this stock between Jun 17, 2021 - Jun 19, 2021.

This is a translucent silicon rubber button pad with 16 buttons originally inspired by the folks at monome.org. Each button has a hole underneath that accepts either a 3mm or 5mm standard LED. The idea is that you can create a button interface of your choice with the ability to display simple colors under each button. Mainly, we wanted to use our tri-color LEDs to create a full RGB color for each button.

16 button pad can be split up into four, 4 button pads. Each button has a conductive circle backing so that a switch can be created with exposed PCB traces. Button force is between 190 and 210grams activation force (nice tactile feel like on your TV remote).

This product is for the white rubber only. If you need the LEDs, PCB, or black bezel, please see below.


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